I am Ava Milander the founder and CEO of Ava Herbal Bodycare, a family owed business established in 2019. We had a vision and passion to create bath and body products, with a focus on blending organic plant-based ingredients and researching the botanical pairing of each plant.  With several years of experience in the chemistry of soap making and body care products formulation, it gave me the confidence to move forward with this vision that became a reality.

Our Customers Love us

— Yolanda K., Retiree

"My favorites are the oatmeal soaps! Great for the Body! Also, the Joint Relief Salve really works.""

“I always use Ava's products because of the trust I have in their products.  This company has a lot going for it.  Products contain all organic and natural ingredients, without any chemicals or manmade perfumes.  The soaps leave my skin soft and smooth and the exfoliant is great for rejuvenating my cells.  In the winter months I am prone to outbreaks of eczema on my hands and Ava's products helps to keep my condition at bay.  I am a real fan of this company and I purchase no other soaps because I get the return on my money with every product I use..”

— Michele R., Business Owner